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About Malabar Medical Company
Malabar Medical Company is a registered pharmaceutical and surgical distribution firm, was found in 2016 in Kannur, Kerala.
MALABAR Medical Company, part of the Manjoo group of Company. Manjoo group of companies have presence in all over Kerala as well as U.A.E. Our sister concern is DAL AL MADEENA SUPERMARKET, AJMAN in UAE. The other associate units in India are KADAMBOOR HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, MANJOO LOTTERIES,MANJOO BUILDERS and SYSMANTECH and M TECH in Kerala. The details of associate units are
  • Manjoo Lotteries: The unit came in to existence during 1990 .The head office in Kannur and the branches covered entire district of Kerala. The objective of the unit is doing Lottery business in the state.
  • Symantech: The unit was established during 2012 at Kochi and 6 branches are located in other districts of Kerala. The main objective of the unit is doing business of computers and other electronic items.
  • M Tech: The unit was established during 2011 as a partnership with 3 brothers at Cochin and 2 branches are situated in other districts of Kerala and one in Calcutta. The main objective of the unit is to purchase and sale computers and accessories as whole sale.
  • The Kadambur Higher Secondary School: The kadambur Higher Secondary school is an un aided school carrying the classes of LKG TO XII th standard in Kannur district, around 9000 students are studying in this school and running with high score. The school was started during the year 1994 and owned by family members.
  • MANJOO Builders: Established in Kannur in the year of 2012, are engaged in providing various kind of civil construction service. Completed lots of government projects contract successfully.
  • MALABAR DRUG CENTER at Kannur started in 2016 with the objective of doing medical allied business and generic drug marketing.
  • MALABAR MEDICAL COMPANY incorporates a partnership Company in Kerala with the objective of trade business of medical items with drugs and cosmetics. Its under the plan of expansion in India and U.A.E.

Malabar Medical Company specializes in marketing and distribution of branded pharmaceuticals and medical products. We import, support, and market prescription drugs, branded OTC, surgical equipment, medical supplies, Laboratory equipments and consumer healthcare products.

We are the representative in North Kerala of international manufacturers including Abbott,Cipla,Alkem,Friends,Philips,Samsung,Nipro,Jhonson & Jhonson,Neon,LabexHMD,Bbraun,BD,Dr.Morpen,Peerless,Roche and many more. We have a successful portfolio of products, many of which are leaders in their respective therapeutic area, including women's health, haematology, oncology, pain management and anesthesia, neurology, dialysis and respiratory area.

MMC Vision

Being located in the heart of Kerala, our Aim is to become one of the main regional Distributors of the best worldwide medical brand names as a successful star in the medical industry. We provide our customers with products of superior technology, ease of use and reliable quality.

MMC Mission

Partner for a better health

Our aim to be the best medical distributor in India and U.A.E.

Annual sales turnover 100 Cr by 2025.

Our Values

People: Trust, Respect and Relationships

Ethics: Uncompromising integrity in business conduct

Contribution: to the health care and community

History & Milestones

MALABAR Medical Company is health care provider founded in Kannur, Kerala since 2016 .we are a member of Manjoo group of companies, working in Kerala, Kolkata and United Arab Emirates, also we have a sub distributor in Karnataka State.

Working as a super stockiest of major brands like Friends diaper ,KS & Nipro etc

Our Business

In our company we are covering many fields in Respiratory Care, Surgical, Rehabilitation, Medical and Diagnostic Equipments, Mobility Care, life style products. Tie up with Abbot CV, BBraun, Roche, Nipro, Jhonson & Jhonson, Philips, Merk diagnostics etc, In our business we are depending on our skilled and Professional staff because we believe that they are the foundation of everything we do.

Distribution & Marketing

MMC provides its products via an established suppliers and distributors and direct sales staffs. MMC has its corporate headquarters in Cochin; Branches in Kannur, Kasaragod Districts and new branches are coming in Mangloore, Thalassery, Wayanad and Calicut shortly.

Our Business

Our sales strategy is to fill in a sales map, through an analytical study of all types of business opportunities by applying our products ability to occupy all potential possibilities, in three different manners, the first is through pre-tendering sales promotion and marketing in order to fill in our specs by covering all the sales map, and the second is through covering all tendering and existing potentials that are not specifically our technical specs., and the third is through trying to change customer’s minds on products they already have by applying a higher quality, more advanced equipment, with a higher technical specs.

MMC Care People

MDC Care people consist of highly skilled and qualified staff, including engineers, pharmacists. They are involved in all aspects of the business, marketing, sales, Services and management .Total 24 staffs working in our office that includes 12 sales staff in the field.

MMC Care Customers

MMC Care covers all private hospitals, medical centers, clinics, Private Laboratories, Doctor’s specialty clinics, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies and Dental care centers and targets governmental and public hospitals, in addition to the other Healthcare facilities.

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